Comment broder en sashiko ?

How to embroider in sashiko?

How to embroider in sashiko?

Sashiko embroidery is an ancient technique of Japanese embroidery that is known to repair damaged garments, or even strengthen them in anticipation of their wear. This 2000-year-old technique is modern thanks to its sleek style and geometric shapes.

Necessary material :

  • cotton fabric
  • sashiko yarn
  • sashiko needle
  • Scissors
  • Template or printed pattern (optional)

1. Prepare your fabric

Cut a piece of cotton fabric the size you want for your project.

2. Prepare your thread

Remove two strands of yarn leaving four strands. Thread your Sashiko needle with all four strands of yarn.

3. Prepare your pattern

If desired, use a stencil to trace your design onto your fabric using a water-soluble pen. You can also print a pattern or draw your own pattern.

4. Start embroidering

Start embroidering your design by making 2 or 3 stitches that follow the lines you have drawn. Pass the needle through the fabric several times, passing the fabric up and then down the needle and keeping the needle perpendicular to the fabric. Embroidering several stitches at once allows you to keep a certain regularity of execution.

Slide your thumb and forefinger around the stitches without removing the needle to start reducing the wrinkles that have formed.

5. Pass the thread

Pull the needle and slip it into the 1st stitch made while flattening the fabric to remove wrinkles.

Run your fingers over the fabric to flatten it well, following the thread. For curves or oblique lines, do the same, being careful not to stretch the fabric.

Tip : It is best to embroider a line in one go if possible. If the line is too long, pause otherwise the stitches will tend to distort the fabric.

6. Finish your pattern

Continue embroidering your design, adjusting your stitch length to suit your design and paying attention to your thread tension to avoid breakage. Be sure to leave enough yarn to complete your design.

Once you've finished your pattern, tie the thread to the wrong side of the fabric to secure it. If you used a water-soluble pen to trace your design, dip your fabric in warm water to remove the marks.